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Why I am a Champion for this Cause

As a passionate supporter of The Learning Web’s work, I am participating as a Champion in Fuel The Learning Web Spark!  In this fundraiser, I created a personal challenge and a fundraising goal.  I have a limited time to attain my challenge and to ask friends, family, and co-workers to acknowledge the importance of identifying and fulfilling personal goals by making donations to The Learning Web—thus supporting Tompkins County youth as they explore and achieve their personal challenges, dreams, goals, and passions.

Please watch my short video below to see how passionate I am about both The Learning Web and about lifting weights (if you’ve never seen me lift before, here’s your chance!), and to learn how you can help:

Before I was a program coordinator for The Learning Web, I actually got my start when I was 12 years old with the Summer Service Program. I then spent a year as an apprentice for a dog groomer (where I learned that I much prefer owning pets to cleaning them!). It was my first taste of the working world, and it remained on my resumé for years.

I am so glad now for a chance to bring it full circle and help support The Learning Web, not just in my work, but also in my free time. As a Champion, I am combining my passion for The Learning Web with my passion for lifting weights.

My goal is to raise $5,000 for The Learning Web by lifting 100,000 pounds! That’s only 5 cents per pound; a $20 contribution supports 400 lbs; $50, 1,000 lbs; $1 supports 10 lbs! Once I start on Tuesday, July 23rd, I will be posting brief updates here with my progress and any related thoughts.

Thank you so much for your support!

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$2,108 raised
$5000 goal

Ithaca, NY
15 Contributions
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